Specialist Bathroom Equipment Installed by Experts in Ash, Kent

There are some cases where the solution involves installing more specialist equipment. At The Lifecare Centre, in Ash, Kent, we reliably provide disability bathroom installations where you are supplied with everything you need for a better quality of life. From a private residence to a care home, delivering hygienic solutions has been our priority for more than 30 years.


The Rio bath from Astor-Bannerman™ is available with an option of a WRAS-approved gantry and thermostatic mixer tap system. The Rio bath is made using high-quality materials, including the new twin actuators, which make this one of the quietest hi-lo baths available today. We also incorporate one of the smoothest height adjustable rail systems on the market, making the Rio supremely stable in any position.

There are a variety of features incorporated into the Rio bath. This includes an extra-large open area under the bath, meaning that all types of floor hoists can be used. What's more, the width of the bath has been increased to 745mm, maximising bathing pleasure for both the client and the caregiver. As with all Astor-Bannerman disabled baths, the Rio will comfortably accommodate all types of internal body supports.

This beautifully designed and finished bath will enhance any bathroom environment, providing you with the benefit and dignity of being able to take about in the comfort of your own home. And it allows the carer to have the pleasure and convenience of bathing the client at a safe and comfortable working height, helping to reduce the risk of back strain.


The Freeway™ ceiling track system is proven. It has already provided thousands of users with safe, reliable operation over the years. The system is British and made to aerospace standards. The parts to service and extend your system are always available as and when required. The Freeway system is totally flexible and gives endless design possibilities, so you can choose the configuration that is perfect for you.

Chiltern™ ceiling and mobile lifts offer more solutions when it comes to moving and handling. Chiltern Invadex offer complete moving and handling solutions for domestic, nursing home, and hospital environments.

Shower Chairs

Prism Medical UK™ manufacture, supply, and service a comprehensive range of Freeway assisted or self-propelled showers, toilets, and commode chairs to suit every application. Freeway shower chairs are of modular design, bespoke, and can be configured to a choice of interchangeable seat, backrest, armrest, and footrests.


The Clos-o-Mat™ Palma Vita automatic WC shower toilet provides flushing, washing, and warm air-drying from one simple operation. It is user-friendly for people who have restricted use of their hands. By reducing hand contact, it also provides improved hygiene for all users.

The frames for wall-hung WCs in the Geberit Duofix™ installation system are perfectly aligned to the needs of people with limited mobility. Height-adjustable frames allow subsequent adjustments at any time for convenient, wheelchair-accessible use. WC ceramics projecting from the wall by up to 70cm are suitable for these frames.

Rise and Recline Chairs

Sit comfortably in your home in one of our rise and recline armchairs. We'll come out to your property to assess your needs, so that we can adapt our products to suit your requirements. Whether you opt for single motor or dual motor, you're able to sit and stand up with ease. Everything we offer is bespoke and made to order, which is why a quote will be provided based on materials, colours, and your specific needs.

Contact us today, in Ash, Kent, to receive more details about our disability bathroom installations and range of products.

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